Hand by Hand International
Foundation Team

Vicki hbhif

Vicki Desantis Casper, Board President

Vicki is a flight attendant for SouthWest Airlines, raised in Malibu California. a wife and mother of three 29 something children, and was brought up in a community that was taught to advocate for those in need. I felt a calling from God to become an  advocate for World Vision 12 years ago to represent the poorest of the poor worldwide and to help them build sustainable communities through child sponsorship.

My brother and his family live in Bali and that is how I know Putu and Michael and of their marvelous work for children there.  In my work as a World Vision Child Ambassador I have visited the field all over the world from Africa to India, Asia, et al. I have been blessed to be the number one Child Ambassador. I am grateful to have a roll in changing lives on our world and getting back such wonderful relationships from those I serve.


Aline hbhif

Aline Rozok:

Aline was raised in San Diego, California by her French, immigrant mother and American father. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 5 and passed away when she was 14, which was around the time she started delving into spirituality and the healing arts. After the birth of her daughter and a subsequent trauma, she continued to go deeper into therapy, massage, Theta healing, energy healing, Reiki, and Tibetan medicine, studying under two incredible Tibetan teachers.

Aline volunteed at the Boy’s and Girl’s club, creating self-esteem through performance art and music class for underprivileged children, and traveled to Peru to learn about the indigenous teachings and healing modalities of the Sacred Valley, and later became an ordained minister performing non denominational wedding ceremonies.


Don website

Don Strachan, Board Secretary

Born and educated in Scotland, Don studied at Edinburgh’s Napier University and began his working life at Ninewells teaching hospital in Dundee.

In 1988 Don immigrated to Australia to take up the position at the Medical Photographic Unit for the Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and the University of New South Wales. There he worked alongside the noted eye surgeon Fred Hollows and Dr Keiran Moran, the director of Child Protection Services.

After 15 years in health services Don decided to move into the corporate world. He currently is Managing Director of a marketing company. In his free time, he qualified to teach English as a foreign language, (TEFL) and utilised this in voluntary work in Vietnam.

Don likes to camp and ride adventure motorcycles. He is married with a 22 year old son and have been involved with YKPA since 2009.

alannah hbhif

Alannah Sinclair


Michael website

Michael Pate, CEO

Michael provided primary care and public health care (RN, NP, MPH) for 40 yrs in the USA before volunteering around the world for many yrs. He accidentally landed in Bali by boat, and together with Putu Etiartini, a Balinese women activist, started helping street kids. This grass roots effort in the streets started the Bali Street Kids Project (YKPA), helping many children with an orphanage, shelter and many more services.

Michael now volunteers in building HBHI-F, a US-based charity to better assist the many disadvantaged children in Indonesia.