What does Hand-by-Hand do?

We endeavor to assist the Bali Street Kids Project (Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak) in furthering their work.

Disadvantaged and at risk kids...

2007, Kuta Bali:  Putu found many disheveled begging kids on the streets. They didnt want to talk, just get money, and no one knew their story. She made it her mission....learn their story and help out.

Growing over time

For 10 years, Putu has continued to provide services to children needing help. They are street kids, and also abused, abandoned, disabled, injured kids. Some need the opportunity of finishing school but come from extreme poverty and can't afford the fees.

Supported by visitors, by the sale of handicraft dolls, or an occasional event, the organization has slowly expanded, and the buildings have been made safe.

Medical and surgical problems

Occasionally, Putu is asked to help children with special medical or surgical problems. Sometimes they come from other Indonesian islands where medical care is lacking.

The children can have serious orthopedic deformities or uncared for fractures, or old extensive burns with contractures. YKPA partners with the John Fawcett Organization who funds surgery, while YKPA provides logistics and accommodations. Sometimes this helping requires many many months or years to resolve, and the children become residents in YKPA.

Village outreach

Children typically come from quite poor and remote villages in Bali. Besides providing a safe home for basically homeless children, YKPA brings needed relief to families without other resources. This relief is usually used clothing, but also may be constructing a toilet outhouse, bring a mattress for disabled children, or arranging a new roof for an old woman whose bed is rained on. There are many situations requiring help.